Childrens Church

Children's church for ages birth - 4th grade during the morning service at 10:00am.  The children will learn about GOD through bible lessons, songs and crafts that are age appropriate.  For childen to participate the parent/guardian must attend the entire 10:00 service.     



Thank you for your donations for the Food Pantry.    We anticipate serving about 25 families every other week and our supplies dwindle rather rapidly.    We always have the need to keep replenishing our supply.  If you don't want to do the shopping you may give money and we will do the shopping for you.  Thank you for your generous donations, you are a Blessing to those in need!  Click on the Food Pantry tab above for a list of items needed.

Missionary Report

   Jews for Jesus

David Brickner


Many of us are like the little kid who, when asked what he thought “eternity” means, said, “I don’t know but it sounds like a really, really long time.”  That’s the mystery because, in fact, eternity is timeless. 

I recently had occasion to think about eternity from the perspective of two Scriptures that I was asked to read and comment on at the memorial service for Ceil Rosen, wife of Moishe Rosen, founder of Jews for Jesus.  The first passage from Ecclesiastes 3:11 and 1Corinthians 12:12-13.  In these two passages we see the gift of eternity, the mystery of eternity, and the promise of eternity.

Even our inability to “find out what God is doing from beginning to end” can be a comfort.  He’s all-knowing and we aren’t… we can stop trying to analyze and find answers for why everything happens the way it does, as we enjoy the blessings as well as endure the pain of this life.

God has given us the gift of eternity in our hearts, yet that very gift remains a mystery to us.  We can’t wrap our minds around certain painful events any more than we can understand how there can be such a thing as forever.  Yet the more we know God, the brighter will be our glimpses of eternity.  And the Lord does give us glimpses, hints here and there, whispers of His eternal love for us.  These bits of timeless reality are sometimes seen in the lives and loves we enjoy while on earth.





Please remember to continue to pray for all of those who are being persecuted and killed for believing in Jesus Christ each and every day.