Missionary Report

Jewish Outreach International

Cyril Gordon


I want to begin this praise report with a warm THANK YOU to all of you that are praying for me and supporting me  financially as I continue to boldly lift up the name of JESUS high in one of the darkest cities in the world  - Los Angeles (AKA Gomorrah).  Thanks to you, great things are happening as I fulfill my calling!


I came to faith in Jesus in 1993.  By God’s grace, I’m thankful that I’m now part of the saved remnant of Israel, a fulfilled Jew from the line of the Levites, and Cohens (according to my Grandmother), doing what a Jewish people were called to do — Be a priestly nation serving the Lord with all our heart, all our soul, and all our might.


Last month was a crazy month with the spread of the Corona Virus and the Stock Market crash.  As children of God, we do not panic as the world does when tragedies come, because we are from another Kingdom — The Kingdom of God.  Regarding this present pandemic, we do not live in fear, but are reminded that we are encouraged to be wise regarding the health of our bodies, and that nothing happens to us unless the Lord allows it.


Lately, I’ve been doing so mush ministry in local synagogues that my friends are starting to call me “the Paul of La”… Oy vey.  I’m following in the Apostle  Paul’s footsteps of reasoning with the Jews in the synagogues regarding the claims of Jesus as Israel’s Messiah.


Please remember to continue to pray for all of those who are being persecuted and killed for believing in Jesus Christ each and every day.